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Dekko LED Pool Lighting

Dekko LED Pool Lighting

An illuminated pool is a beautiful pool...... and good lighting also creates a safe pool

But to always have these benefits means that the pool lighting must be in good shape and ready to be turned on each and every evening, so that it will provide that glowing atmosphere and always be a safe place to be around.

Whether the project involves a new pool or a refurbished pool, incorparating a Dekko pool lighting system represents the future in underwater illumination.

It's safe and it's convienient

It makes sense to use Dekko

This revolusionary pool lighting system was developed by a pool professional who has designed, built and serviced all types of swimming pools for over 35 years.

It was designed to overcome all the problems that are accosiated with accessing and servicing existing pool lights. These include: -

  • Safety - All servicing is carried out quickly and safely from the pool deck, with no electrical cables coming into contact with any water at any time.
  • Leaks - Because the seals around the light unit are not disturbed during servicing, the risk of leaks developing is greatly reduced.
  • Serviceability - Accessed from the deck, there is no niche, no grounding and no snaking required.
  • Flexibilty - The modular design of Dekko allows a simple and quick upgrade from halogen to LED.
  • Material - A high quality ASA polymer is used resulting in excellent tolerance against UV, mould and temperature fluctuation.
  • Contamination -Debris does not get dispersed into the pool during servicing.
  • Warranty - Dekko comes with an industry leading 3 year limited warranty.


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