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FASTLANE Swim Current Generator

Life is better in the FASTLANE                              

A swim current generator for any pool





Transform your pool


A refuge, a spa, a fitness facility - the opportunities are endless........

There is just nothing quite like a backyard pool. Relaxing, rejuvenating, and a natural gathering place for family and friends.

It beautifies your property and refreshes your mind as well as your body.

And now that beautiful body of water can be used for serious fitness purposes as well.



The FASTLANE transforms virtually any pool into an endless river, opening up a sea of possibilities for anyone who wants to use their pool for exercise. It's like opening up a health club in your backyard.

The FASTLANE is perfect for every level swimmer, from dog-paddlers to experienced competitors.



The FASTLANE is current8024492371_dff968f2b7_m.jpg


The FASTLANE creates a current in your pool that mimics a smooth flowing river.


The turbulence free stream is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, yet narrow enough to allow others to enjoy the pool while you swim.


Unlike jetted alternatives, the FASTLANE generates a wide block of crystal clear, bubble free, and completely adjustable water flow: creating the perfect swimming enviroment. And the FASTLANE has numerous applications beyond swimming: aqua jogging, water areobics, even rehabilitaion therapy.

The FASTLANE unit will not interfere with your other leisure pool activities, and is inconspicuous when not in use.


Several FASTLANE models are available:

  • The WALL MOUNT is typically installed while your pool is being built. it anchors directly into the pool wall and sits at the water level
  • The DECK MOUNT fits over the side of an existing pool. It's easy to install and fits in virtually any pool.


The FASTLANE fits outdoor pools, indoor pools and most above ground pools.

It is 29" wide and can be placed on any pool wall where the water is 35" deep. A clearence of 24" on each side is needed for proper water intake.




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