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The Endless Pool Elite

elite_2.jpgEndless Pool Elite

A counter-current swimming machine that will revolutionizes swim instruction. The Elite offers coaches a unique and unprecedented opportunity to analyze  every element of their swimmers' stroke, while providing both coach and athlete instantaneous , real-time feedback via multipe adjustable cameras and mirrors. Most importantly, the Elite is fast, strong and smooth - faster by far than any swimming machine on the market today - as smooth as the original flume in Colorado Springs. And with units as small as 8' x 14', it fits on any deck...and in any program.

Our new 7.5HP Elite pool is designed specifically for competitive swim programs: with a 51 second 100-yard pace, it even challengers sprinters. With Elite, a coach can increase the current speed to a swimmer's race pace - see precisely when and how their stroke breaks down - and fix it. Immediately.

You cant do that yelling across three lanes in a 50-meter pool

The Elite, with warm water, is also ideal for teaching all levels of swimming, from young beginners to masters - generating welcome income for your program. There is no better one-on-one teaching enviroment.

Endless Pool Elite Specifications and Optionselite.jpg



  • 8' x 14' Swimming area (9'4" x 15'4" minimum footprint)
  • 44" Water depth
  • Modular steel construction
  • Commercial membrane
  • 7.5HP 2 Propellor swim current generator
  • Reinforced acrylic water flow and conditioning system
  • Three 59" x 18" Stainless steel VGB-compliant suction grills
  • Perimeter coping
  • Commercial-grade water quality system
  • Automatic chemistry controller (ORP, pH)
  • Lockable retractable security cover

" Theres never been a better method to evaluate, teach and test top level swimmers on a daily basis than the Endless Pool ELITE"

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