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Please find below links to safety data information for various products on our site.


WELD-ON SOLVENT CEMENT 725                                                                                                 WELD-ON PRIMER P-70


RELAX CONCENTRATED BLUE ALGICIDE                                                                                       RELAX BROMINE TABLETS


SWIMFRESH BROMINE TABLETS                                                                                                  RELAX MULTI-POOL TABLETS


FI-CLOR PREMIUM 5 GRANULES                                                                                                  RELAX SMALL BUOY


SWIMFRESH CLARIFIER TABLETS                                                                                                 SWIMFRESH GRANULAR FLOC


RELAX CLEAR TABS                                                                                                                    RELAX CONCENTRATED WATER CLARIFIER


RELAX OXYGEN TABLETS                                                                                                             RELAX MICROCIDE


KLEENPOOL                                                                                                                               JOLLY GEL FLOCCULANT


GUARDEX MAGIC TABS                                                                                                               GUARDEX SPA STAIN AND SCALE AWAY


GUARDEX STAIN AND SCALE AWAY                                                                                               FI-CLOR ULTRA CONCENTRATED ALGICIDE


RELAX SUMMERLONG                                                                                                                  RELAX WINTERLONG


RELAX CLEANER WINTER                                                                                                             RELAX CLEANER WINTER CONCENTRATE


GOLDIFLOC FILTER AID TABLETS                                                                                                 FI-CLOR RAPID CLARIFIER


BAYROL SUPERFLOCK PLUS                                                                                                        SPAFRESH HARDNESS INCREASER


SPAFRESH PH INCREASER                                                                                                           SPAFRESH ALKALINITY INCREASER


SPAFRESH PH REDUCER                                                                                                             FI-CLOR SPA BROMINE TABLETS


BAYROL BAYROLKAR SPA                                                                                                           BAYROL BAYROPLUS SPA


RELAX SCALE AND METAL MAGNET                                                                                               FI-CLOR STAIN AND SCALE REMOVER


PARAMOUNT SCALE OFF                                                                                                             RELAX WATERLINE CLEANING GEL


RELAX TILE AND LINER CLEANER