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DEKKO Xenon Eco Swimming Pool Lights

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The Dekko Pool Lighting System

The method of servicing pool lights hasn't changed much over the past 70 years. Still utilising a wet niche with coiled wires, the light is pulled through the water to be serviced on the deck; even for such a simple procedure as changing a failed light bulb.

The 'Dekko' is the world's only UL listed swimming pool light that allows servicing ENTIRELY from the safety and convenience of the pool deck. Bulbs are replaced or upgraded to LED in as little as 3mins. The Dekko unit and bulb come with an industry leading 3 year limited warranty.


Bulb Changing - The OLD WAY

Changing a conventional underwater light bulb typically takes thirty minutes (assuming no problems are encountered during the procedure).  It is necessary to dangle over the edge of the pool, reach into the water and release the light assembly from its fixing.  The light is brought to the surface still attached to the electrical cable, which remains floating around in the water.  On the pool surround the light is opened and the bulb replaced.  The light is then re-assembled, taken back through the water and re-secured in position. 

Bulb Changing - The NEW WAY Using Dekko Lighting System

as simple as A - B - C

  1. Simply unscrew the deck-box lid and pull out the inner assembly by its handle, in doing this the electrical supply is disconnected from the light
  2. Change the bulb
  3. Replace the inner assembly and the deck-box lid
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